Multimedia Filtration

multimedia water treatment systemsAlso referred to as total suspended solids or TSS, suspended matter consists of tiny insoluble particles in water that include grit, silt, clay, ferric iron and other precipitates. Suspended matter often adheres to the surface of RO membranes and interferes with the passage of water through the membrane which result in:

Multimedia filters are ideal for all industries where the incoming water contains suspended solids. The filters are simply installed upstream from the RO system and remove the suspended matter from the feed water prior to it entering the RO system.Suspended matter in water is a common problem faced by a multitude of plants throughout the world. By using multimedia filters, the suspended solids are removed to ensure:

Technical Specifications

Quantity, number of multimedia filters
Service Flow Liquid, gpm
100 -3000
Backwash Flow rate, gpm
100 -3000
Rinse Flow rate, gpm
80 - 2000
Tank Material of Construction
stainless steel or lined
Tank Diameter, inches
48 - 144”
Tank, Straight Side Height, inches
60 - 144”
Square Feet Bed Area, sq. ft.
20 – 108sqft
Cubic Feet Capacity, 50% freeboard, c.f.
40 - 600
Bed Depth, inches
30 - 96”
Freeboard, inches
15 - 48”
Backwash collector type
Collector Laterals, type
screened, stainless or equal
Collector laters, quantity
8 - 20
Face Pipe Materials of Construction
stainless steel or equal
Face Pipe size, inches
2 - 8”
Number of Control Valves
Valve size
2 - 8”
Material of Construction
stainless or equal
Type Valve
butterfly •
Control Type
Drain Valve